Medium-term rental management in La Rochelle.

With Nomad By Welkeys, optimize your rental income with monthly rentals.

You have a property to rent? Don't waste any more precious time on rental management! Choose Nomad By Welkeys, the medium-term rental management agency specialized in mobility leases, which takes care of the rental of your furnished property to optimize your rental income;

Thanks to our team of real estate professionals, take advantage of simple, flexible and 100% digitalized rental management. Discover all the advantages of our monthly management solution.

The rental market in La Rochelle

Why choose to rent your second residence in La Rochelle?

Enjoy a high occupancy rate

The rental market in La Rochelle is currently very tense. The rental offers do not manage to accommodate all the people who are looking for an apartment in the city. In addition, seasonal rentals are numerous in La Rochelle, which strongly influences the tension of the real estate market. Therefore, by renting out your second home in La Rochelle on a monthly basis, you are responding to a real rental demand in this area.

Generate higher rental income

The main advantage of the medium-term rental is the fact that the rents are close to those of the seasonal rental. Being an in-between form of rental, between long and short term rental, the monthly rents are in line with this status. For example, on average, large one-bedroom apartments rent for between 750€ and 820€ in La Rochelle. The same type of accommodation at Nomad By Welkeys in medium-term rental are rented starting at 840€. An interesting difference for a higher rental income. This price combined with a high occupancy rate results in an increased rentability of your second home thanks to the monthly rental.

Starting at 13% commission!

Rental management by Nomad By Welkeys

Don't waste any more time

To save you time, we take care of all the administrative part of your rental. Our medium-term rental management offer covers all the stages of renting a property: inventory of fixtures, rental file, drafting of leases, monitoring of rents, and deposit. Present in several cities in France, we take care of defining the rent of your rental according to the real estate market and the legislation in force in your city.

Attract professional customers

Because of its format, the monthly rental attracts a particular kind of clientele: a corporate audience. Indeed, this type of rental allows professionals to live in an apartment for the duration of a professional trip, a training session or a move. Thanks to its proximity to Périgny, La Rochelle attracts professionals who need to benefit from a furnished, equipped and connected accommodation. By renting a furnished apartment by month, companies can avoid seasonal rentals and benefit from the of medium-term leases.

Nomad By Welkeys services

Increase your online visibility

In order to optimize your rental income and your rentals, we put your rental ad on line on several platforms dedicated to monthly rentals. Thanks to this multi-broadcasting, your visibility is optimal. Moreover, we carry out a professional shooting in your housing to emphasize your property and make your listing even more attractive on the rental platforms.

Guest amenities and services

We go beyond the basic services of real estate agencies. We provide various services for your tenants throughout their rental: professional cleaning, hotel quality linen, housekeeping, maintenance and assistance. Everything is brought together to make them feel comfortable in your home as in there's.

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