Medium-term rental management in Bordeaux.

With Nomad By Welkeys, optimize your rental income with monthly rentals.

You have a property to rent? Don't waste any more precious time on rental management! Choose Nomad By Welkeys, the medium-term rental management agency specialized in mobility leases, which takes care of the rental of your furnished property to optimize your rental income;

Thanks to our team of real estate professionals, take advantage of simple, flexible and 100% digitalized rental management. Discover all the advantages of our monthly management solution.

The rental market in Bordeaux

Why choose to rent your second residence in Bordeaux?

Increasing annual profitability

Unlike seasonal rentals, which can fluctuate significantly depending on the season, medium-term rentals offer greater stability because of their non-tourist clientele. What's more, monthly rentals generate higher income than long-term rentals. The median rent in Bordeaux is €19/m2. The average monthly rent for Nomad By Welkeys apartments is €35/m2. The monthly income from our monthly rentals is well above the norm for the Bordeaux long-term rental market. This means that renting out a property in Bordeaux on a medium-term basis is a winning strategy for landlords looking to maximise their profitability.

Meeting rental demand

With its unique formula, the medium-term rental attracts a particular clientele that needs this format of monthly rental: professionals on business trips. That's why large cities like Bordeaux are the best places for medium-term rentals to flourish. With its Chartrons district and dynamic city center, Bordeaux is an ideal city for meeting the demand for monthly rentals.

Starting at 13% commission!

Rental management by Nomad By Welkeys

Complete management

With our medium-term rental management services, we offer you a complete and efficient solution for managing your rentals. We take care of all the administrative tasks associated with your medium-term rental, saving you precious time. From the inventory of fixtures to the drafting of rental contracts, including the processing of rental files, monitoring of payments and management of deposits, our offer covers every stage of a rental. By choosing our rental management service, you'll benefit from a high-quality service that simplifies the management of your rental property and frees you from administrative constraints.

Flexible management

One of the advantages of renting monthly is that it makes it easier for owners to enjoy their property by simply blocking out their rental schedule and defining it in the monthly lease. Thanks to the application developed by Nomad By Welkeys, owners can indicate their wish to return to their property in just a few clicks. What's more, unlike seasonal rentals, which can lead to significant wear and tear on the property due to the frequency of tenant changes, medium-term rentals are less damaging to the property, as there are fewer moves. All in all, renting a property in Bordeaux on a medium-term basis means that you can minimize the disadvantages of seasonal rental, while still enjoying some of its advantages.

Nomad By Welkeys touch

Listing broadcasting

We have developed a strategy aimed at maximizing your rental income and the occupancy rate of your property through our listings for monthly rentals. We write your listings, broadcast them on several platforms specializing in mid-term rental, and illustrate them to make them as attractive as possible. Our team will write your listing to optimize referencing, giving you greater visibility. Multi-broadcasting gives you optimum visibility on several platforms simultaneously, increasing your chances of attracting potential tenants. Last but not least, a professional photographer will do a photo shoot in your property to take high-quality photos.

Guest amenities and services

Our rental management offer goes far beyond traditional agency services, providing a wide range of services to support your tenant throughout their tenancy. We provide a professional cleaning service to keep the property in perfect condition, as well as hotel-quality linen to ensure optimum comfort. In addition, we take care of welcoming your tenant and our team is available 7 days a week to respond to any needs they may have. Everything is done to ensure your tenant's well-being and to enable them to make the most of their stay in your home.

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