Tenants FAQs : 

Why Nomad rather than a real estate agency?

Wishing to provide some flexibility and well aware of the shortcomings of traditional agencies, Nomad gives you the possibility of monthly payment of your agency fees and to save rent thanks to the non-debited deposit. For example: for a rental of 10 months with agency fees of €400, you can pay them monthly at €40 per month.

What is the Nomad Guarantee?

Nous souhaitons vous garantir une sécurité sans faille tout le long de votre séjour. C'est pourquoi l'ensemble des logements proposés sont préalablement contrôlés par nos équipes. Nos équipes locales se chargent de vérifier l'intégralité des équipements ainsi que leur bon fonctionnement. En cas de besoin, nous faisons intervenir nos équipes de maintenance pour que nos appartements respectent les lois en vigueur.

How do you select your apartments?

We have established a charter of quality criteria to which our apartments must correspond (quality of bedding, complete list of equipment, geographical location, etc.). All our rentals are selected by our sales teams and then visited by our local City Managers to ensure that they meet all our criteria.

What documents must be provided to constitute a complete file?

The documents to bring for your file are related to your professional situation. In general, you will be asked for at least your identity document, proof of address and the purpose of your mobility

In the event of a maintenance problem in the apartment, who should I contact?

We provide you with the contact details of our local manager as soon as your file is validated. If necessary, you can contact him. If you have any questions, you can also contact our teams at headquarters on +(33) 1 84 88 94 00.

Is there a notice to leave my accommodation?

Yes, in a furnished rental, the tenant's notice is one month from the date of receipt of the registered letter by the lessor. It is then necessary to remember to send the letter of notice in advance so that the desired release date is respected.

Are my payments secured?

All the transactions carried out go through our partner platforms, which are all ISO certified and protect data by encrypting bank details. More info here .

What are your agency fees?

Our agency fees amount to 10% of the total rent, having as a maximum the limit imposed by the Alur law. These include the edition of the lease, the inventory and cleaning. These fees are payable in one go. For more flexibility, you can also pay them monthly by adding them to your rent.