Medium-term rental management in Lyon.

With Nomad By Welkeys, optimize your rental income with monthly rentals.

You have a property to rent? Don't waste any more precious time on rental management! Choose Nomad By Welkeys, the medium-term rental management agency specialized in mobility leases, which takes care of the rental of your furnished property to optimize your rental income;

Thanks to our team of real estate professionals, take advantage of simple, flexible and 100% digitalized rental management. Discover all the advantages of our monthly management solution.

The rental market in Lyon

Why choose to rent your second residence in Aix-en-Provence?

A guaranteed occupancy rate

The rental market in Lyon is very dynamic and attractive. There is a high demand for rentals due to the city's strong appeal, especially to active young people. The Lyon market therefore offers many opportunities for real estate investors and owners wishing to rent their property. In addition to taking advantage of the strong rental demand, medium-term rentals offer a flourishing alternative to seasonal rentals, which are increasingly restricted by the Lyon metropolitan area.

A maximized rental income

One of the advantages of medium-term rental is that the rents practiced are more advantageous than those of traditional long-term rental. In practice, the median rent in Lyon for long-term rentals is €19 per square meter. At Nomad By Welkeys, the median rent for our monthly rentals in Lyon is €28.57 per square meter. Our average is closer to the median high rent of annual rentals which reaches €31 per square meter. Mid-term rentals are an attractive alternative for property owners to make their real estate investment or second home in Lyon profitable, due to the high average rents and attractive occupancy rate.

Starting at 13% commission!

Rental management by Nomad By Welkeys

An immediate time saving

We have set up a global management service for medium-term rentals in Lyon in order to save you time. We take care of all the administrative formalities related to the monthly rental of your property. From the realization of the inventory of fixtures to the constitution of the file of rent, while passing by the writing of the lease and the follow-up of the rents and the deposit, our offer of rental management is complete. Our priority is to offer you a complete and quality service, allowing you to free yourself from the constraints related to the rental of your property. All this while offering you a complete visibility on your rentals and your income thanks to our application dedicated to owners.

A unique clientele

The most popular areas for monthly rentals are Lyon's business districts, especially Part Dieu and Vaise. Indeed, medium-term rentals are increasingly popular with tenants looking for a temporary housing solution for a longer period than those offered by seasonal rentals. Among them are professionals on the move, expatriates and young professionals at the beginning of their careers. Lyon, with its entrepreneurial districts, attracts this category of people and meets their specific rental needs. This development dynamic reinforces Lyon's attractiveness for mid-term rentals and ensures that owners can make their investment a winning one thanks to mid-term rentals.

Nomad By Welkeys services

A better referenced listing

At Nomad By Welkeys, our goal is to ensure maximum visibility for your listing and to distribute it to a large audience in order to optimize your occupancy rate. To do this, we simultaneously broadcast the listings on several platforms specializing in monthly rentals, in order to guarantee increased visibility of the rentals. We also partner with a team of professional photographers who capture the best angles of your property to present it in its best light on rental platforms. As a medium-term rental management agency, our priority is to make your listing one of the most attractive in Lyon, so you can quickly reach your rental income goals.

Guest amenities and services

At Nomad By Welkeys, rental management is not limited to the standard services offered by real estate agencies. We offer a full range of services, including professional housekeeping, hotel-quality linens, personalized greeting of tenants on arrival, and 7-day-a-week assistance with maintenance or any other request. Our goal is to make your tenant feel at home, even if they are only staying a few months. We believe that this goes a long way in maximizing tenant satisfaction and ensuring the sustainability of your rental income.

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