Medium-term rental management in Montpellier.

With Nomad By Welkeys, optimize your rental income with monthly rentals.

You have a property to rent? Don't waste any more precious time on rental management! Choose Nomad By Welkeys, the medium-term rental management agency specialized in mobility leases, which takes care of the rental of your furnished property to optimize your rental income;

Thanks to our team of real estate professionals, take advantage of simple, flexible and 100% digitalized rental management. Discover all the advantages of our monthly management solution.

The rental market in Marseille

Why choose to rent your second residence in Montpellier?

Maximise your occupancy rate

Currently, the rental market in Montpellier is described as very attractive for buyers, tenants and tourists. Indeed, the demand from these three categories is high and constant. Montpellier's lifestyle and its location in the south of France makes it a popular destination for travellers. This is why there is a large number of holiday rentals. However, while holiday rental owners have to deal with seasonality, with a medium-term rental you will no longer suffer from the low seasons without bookings. With a monthly rental you can increase your occupancy rate considerably.

Optimise your rental income

Another advantage of medium-term rental is that the rents practiced are closer to those of short-term rental than those of long-term rental. For example, the median rent for a rental in Montpellier is 17 €/m2. For medium-term rentals, the median rent is .... With higher rents and an optimised occupancy rate, monthly rentals provide owners with a new way of making their property investment or second home more profitable.

Starting at 13% commission!

Rental management by Nomad By Welkeys

Save time now

We understand that your time is precious, which is why we take care of all the administrative formalities related to your medium-term rental in Montpellier. Thanks to our medium-term rental management services, we take care of all the steps necessary to rent out your property: inventory of fixtures, preparation of the rental file, drafting of the lease, monitoring of rents and deposit. In addition, our team set the monthly rent for your property in line with the reality of the Montpellier property market. Their priority is to maximise the profitability of your property.

Attract a professional audience

Medium-term rentals are becoming increasingly popular with companies looking to find accommodation for their business travellers. This trend is growing in Montpellier with its district dedicated to innovation and the tertiary sector: Cambacérès. This district is in the process of making Montpellier a new hub for French Tech. With this development, the demand for monthly rentals will increase further. More and more professionals and active young people will be heading to Montpellier to discover this new area or to set up a wing of their companies.

Nomad By Welkeys services

Gain more online visibility

At Nomad By Welkeys, we make sure that your ad gets as much exposure as possible and that it is seen by a large number of users. To do this, we simultaneously display your advert on several platforms dedicated to monthly rentals and we organise a professional photo shoot of your accommodation to present it in its best light. Our goal as a medium-term rental management agency is to make your advert one of the most attractive in Montpellier.

Guest amenities and services

Our rental management services are not limited to providing the standard services of an estate agency. We offer a full range of hospitality services, including: professional cleaning services, hotel quality linen and towels, personal welcome on arrival, maintenance and 7/7 assistance if required. We are committed to making your tenant feel at home, even if they are only staying for a few months.

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