Medium-term rental management in Aix-en-Provence.

With Nomad By Welkeys, optimize your rental income with monthly rentals.

You have a property to rent? Don't waste any more precious time on rental management! Choose Nomad By Welkeys, the medium-term rental management agency specialized in mobility leases, which takes care of the rental of your furnished property to optimize your rental income;

Thanks to our team of real estate professionals, take advantage of simple, flexible and 100% digitalized rental management. Discover all the advantages of our monthly management solution.

The rental market in Aix-en-Provence

Why choose to rent your second residence in Aix-en-Provence?

An increased annual profitability

The medium-term rental of a property in Aix-en-Provence can offer increased annual profitability for owners. Unlike seasonal rentals, which can be subject to strong seasonality and a drop in off-season bookings, medium-term rentals are more stable, as they are not based on a tourist clientele. What's more, medium-term rentals can generate higher revenues than long-term rentals, because the rates charged are higher. For example, while the median rent in Aix-en-Provence is €21/m2, the median rent for our monthly rentals is €33/m2. So, renting a property in Aix-en-Provence on a medium-term basis can be a winning strategy for owners looking to maximize their profitability.

An advantageous flexibility

One of the advantages of monthly rentals is that it allows owners to enjoy their secondary home more easily by simply locking in their rental schedule. This offers great flexibility for owners who can return to their property without having to worry about the presence of tenants as this is defined at the time of signing the lease. In addition, unlike seasonal rentals, which can lead to significant damage on the property due to the frequent passage of tenants, medium-term rentals are less damaging to the property because there is less passage. The mid-term rental of an accommodation in Aix-en-Provence allows you to limit the inconveniences of the seasonal rental while taking advantage of its benefits.

Starting at 13% commission!

Rental management by Nomad By Welkeys

A less time-consuming management

With our medium-term rental management offer, we provide you with a less time-consuming management of your rental. We take care of all the administrative part of your rental to save you time. From the inventory of fixtures to the drafting of leases, through the rental file to the follow-up of the rents and the deposit, our offer is exhaustive. By choosing our rental management service, you will benefit from a quality service for a less constraining and easier rental management for you.

A professional clientele

With its particular format, the monthly rental attracts a different but interesting clientele for the owners: the professionals on business trips. This type of rental allows companies to offer their employees furnished, equipped and connected accommodation for a limited period of time without the inconvenience of seasonal rentals. Thanks to its Business Park (PAAP), the city of Aix-en-Provence is the ideal place for mid-term rentals. By choosing to rent a furnished apartment on a monthly basis, owners can meet a real demand in the region.

Nomad By Welkeys services

An increased visibility

We have put in place a strategy to optimize your rental income and the occupancy rate of your property through our monthly rental ads. We write, we broadcast, we illustrate your listing to make it the most attractive on dedicated platforms. The writing of your listing is done by our teams in order to optimize its referencing. Multibroadcasting allows you to benefit from an optimal visibility on several platforms at the same time to be visible by more potential tenants. The illustration of the listing is done thanks to a professional photographer who comes to take pictures of your accommodation.

Guest amenities

Our rental management services go far beyond the traditional agency services by offering a wide range of services to accommodate your tenant throughout their stay. We provide a professional cleaning service to keep the accommodation in perfect condition, as well as hotel quality linen for optimal comfort. We also take care of the arrival of your tenant and we offer a 7 days a week assistance to answer his possible needs. Everything is done to ensure that your tenant feels comfortable and enjoys their stay in your home.

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